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Arabic Calligrapher 3.0
Special Discount
50.00 USD 40.00 USD
2D vector graphics design software oriented toward Arabic calligraphy and Islamic design.
Drawing using a calligraphic pen
Fonts and special font shapes Library
Arabic writing topological compatibility
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Fractal Calligrapher Pro 1.0
Special Discount
100.00 USD 60.00 USD
Fractal Calligrapher Pro 1.0 is a Fractal design software using vector graphics fundamentals.
Drawing using a calligraphic pen
Printing and Exporting
Object Hierarchy
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Benefit from text recognition technology (OCR) in accessing the information contained in the images
Text recognition (OCR)
Text translation
Auto. Scan
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Real Fractals An Islamic Design Technique Unlocking Infinity Gates 10/12/2014
First time ever a real fractal designed by a fractal design system
Third Generation Font system For Arabic Calligraphy 2/7/2014
We explain in this document the Third Generation Font system technology developed by Golansoft for Arabic calligraphy writing.
New Heights in Calligraphic Font Design Achieved 5/12/2014
Majestic Beauty for Al-Farissi Line On a Computer
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